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About usHistory

PINDÓ is a family firm of direct descendants from Swiss immigrants, who arrived in the area in the year 1926 and since then, has been totally connected to the colonization of the place. Nowadays, the third generation of the family is working in the firm.

Since its foundation, in 1976, the company has shown ongoing concern about the environment, by always working according to quality standards and reliability, being true to its origin. Among its activities, PINDÓ manages and protects an Araucaria tree reserve that dates back to 1944; it is considered as one of the most ancient of the province, and a "green lung" for Puerto Esperanza.

Historical Line


1930: yerba mate was the initial plantation as well as other agricultural regional products such as citrus and tung among others.


1944: Some forestal species such as Araucaria pines and other pines whose seeds came from the South of the United States were implanted.


1976: With the necessity to coordinate different agro-forestal projects, PINDÓ S.A. was created as a SERVICE COMPANY.


1994: A modern dryer shed for yerba mate was built allowing to give more value to the primary production and to assure the quality of the product through the proper storage of yerba mate canchada.


1999: PINDÓ becomes the pioneer in the country in relation to ISO 9002 Standards certification for the production of the yerba mate canchada.


2002: A sawmill for wooden pine and Araucaria pine was bought. Immediately, the building of a remanufacturing plant was begun, thus setting up this business.

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